Baby Signing

ReCreate Me offers Baby Signing classes for parents, teachers, child-minders and anyone who wants to learn!

Our classes are bespoke, practical and fun, and are led by an experienced Speech and Language Therapist who can also offer advice on speech, language and communication development.

Did You Know…?

A baby is able to understand and communicate complex ideas to you before they can talk?

Babies develop control of their hands much sooner than that of their lips, tongue and teeth – which are required to produce speech sounds.

The use of signing bridges the gap between these developmental milestones, giving babies and toddlers a means to communicate with their environment and share their thoughts and feelings.


Some Facts & Figures

• At 24 months, signing-babies were found to talk on average more like 27- or 28-month-olds. This represents more than a three-month advantage over the non-signing babies

• In addition, the 24-month-old signing babies were putting together significantly longer sentences

• At 36 months the signing-babies on average were talking like 47-month-olds, putting them almost a full year ahead of their peers

• By the age of eight, children who had learned to sign as babies had an average IQ of 114 compared to an IQ of 102 for those that didn’t

The Benefits of Baby Signing

• Can be taught to all babies irrespective of the language spoken at home
• Enables babies from as young as 4 months to communicate
• Increases the rate at which children develop spoken language
• Is a fun way of interacting with babies and toddlers – strengthening the parent/carer-child bond
• Enhances the self-esteem and self-confidence of everyone involved

Baby Signing with ReCreate Me

• Classes taught by an experienced, qualified Speech & Language Therapist
• Bespoke , practical, inclusive and fun
• Classes can be taught at nursery, play-groups or at home
• Efficient GP referral service should children require speech and language therapy support
• All materials provided
• All ReCreate Me staff have a full and current CRB
• Baby Signing classes are available for any language

Speech & Language Therapy
Speech & Language Therapy

Comprehensive speech and language therapy, assessment, training and management, by qualified, experienced professionals, for adults and children, across a range of speech, language, voice, communication and swallowing conditions.

Communication Skills Training
Communication Skills Training

Train to Talk through our bespoke, practical and comprehensive one-to-one communication training workshops, covering all aspects of public speaking, across a variety of personal, professional and social contexts.


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