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What We Do

ReCreate Me provide communication skills training through one-to-one, bespoke, practical workshops.

Our  trademarked approach and methodology combines aspects from acting and the performing arts with neurolinguistic programming, clinical skills in speech and language therapy, psychology and psychotherapy.

Train to talk with our unique, scientific and eclectic approach to training and developing communication skills.


Our Communication Skills Workshops are fully customisable and cover a range of different communication aspects including:

• Presentation Skills
• Public Speaking Skills
• Confidence in Communication
• Fluency & Articulation
• Stage Presence & Gravitas
• Manner, Tone & Appropriacy

• Voice Use, Projection & Care
• Speech Writing & Composition
• Slang & Colloquialisms
• Conflict resolution
• Assertiveness

Who We Work With

• Business Professionals
• Sales Teams
• Team Leaders
• Entrepreneurs
• Teachers/Lecturers/Trainers

• Students
• Public-Facing Professionals
• Customer Service Representatives
• Telephone Operators
• Medical Professionals

• Media Professionals
• Actors
• Radio/TV presenters
• Voice Over Artists
• Continuity Announcers

And more…


All of our Communication Skills workshops are one-to-one and individually-tailored to suit your specific communication goals.

The workshops have been designed to be interactive and practical to enhance your learning experience, allowing you to assimilate and implement new skills immediately.

Our workshops range from 90 minute intensive sessions, Half-Day and Full-Day Workshops through to our multi-workshop Communication Skills Training Programmes.

ReCreate Me also provide training sessions using Skype, Whatsapp, Apple FaceTime, Duo and other video-calling platforms.


Popular Communication Training Workshops

Presentation Skills Training

Speak with clarity, confidence and impact. Create and deliver powerful, engaging presentations.

Public Speaking Training

Our Public Speaking Workshops provide expert training and guidance in the aspects of confidence, fluency, clarity, voice, intonation and gravitas.

Confident Communication Workshop

In this popular workshop, we use combination of disciplines including the performing arts, speech and language therapy, NLP, psychology, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, to develop incredible and lasting confidence in communication.

Positive Communication Workshop

This workshop focuses on improving the fundamentals of  positive communication.  The characteristics that support effective and appropriate exchange of verbal communication.

Professional Communication Workshop

Learn to adapt your communication style and speak like a professional, using appropriate language, manner, tone and delivery.

"What You Say & How You Say It" Workshop

This popular communication workshop focuses on accuracy of information and the manner and tone of delivery.

Articulation & Fluency Workshop

This workshop focuses on the quality, clarity and content of your speech patterns, removing gap filler words, sounds and phrases and improving grammar and word knowledge.

English Pronunciation Workshop

Improve your English pronunciation skills with with our practical workshop and expert guidance.

Pronunciation Workshops are available for any language.

Voice Workshop for Professionals

Learn how to use the dynamics of your voice to command an audience and have gravitas.

Learn how to protect your and look after your voice, enabling you to speak safely and at length with power and control without causing significant damage to your vocal cords.

Wedding Speech Workshop

From creation and content to presentation.  Create and deliver the perfect wedding speech from content to delivery.  Learn to craft and deliver the perfect wedding speech.

Telephone Skills Training

Develop your telephone manner to sound confident, fluent and articulate.

Learn telephone etiquette and how to manage telephone conversations to be effective, efficient and polite.


Communication skills training workshops take place at our Studio in North West London.

We are also able to conduct workshops at your offices or a venue of your choice.

Workshops & Programmes are available 7 days a week, by appointment.

Communication Skills Training


…practical methods instilled me with unimaginable stage confidence…

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Speech & Language Therapy

Comprehensive speech and language therapy, assessment, training and management, by qualified, experienced professionals, for adults and children, across a range of speech, language, voice, communication and swallowing conditions.


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