Say What…?


It can be very frustrating…


Being asked to repeat oneself…

Could you repeat that?

Conversations can become ‘disjointed’ or out of synch…


Or cumbersome or laborious for all taking part…

Say that again?

Is it that they’re talking too fast?


Or is it that that they’re mumbling?

They’re what?

Or is it that they’re not speaking loud enough?

Could you speak up please?

Some people will give up listening.

Some, will give up speaking so much.

Some, like our friend Jules here, will require some clarification…


Positive, confident and clear communication skills always make an instant impact.

They allow you to be the best ambassador for yourself.

They allow for positive interactions in the workplace.

They lead to increased productivity.

They lead to responsibility.

They lead to trust.

They enable leadership.


They may have helped Brett here, out of a sticky situation…

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