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At ReCreate Me, our bespoke workshops  allow us to develop your communication skills with clinical accuracy and expertise.

Our proven, trademarked methodology enables us to provide a unique approach to improving communication skills and public speaking, with immediate and lasting results.

We use combination of disciplines including the performing arts, speech and language therapy, NLP, psychology, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy to provide a scientific, holistic and eclectic approach.

Our Case Studies show how our clients have progressed and developed their communication skills.

Client: VA

A tearful VA came to ReCreate Me for support with her articulation.  VA was unable to pronounce the /k/ sound in any position e.g. ‘cat’ ‘broken’ ‘bank’, replacing it with a /?/ – that is, a glottal stop.

VA was multilingual, this meant that she was unable to articulate /k/ in any of the languages that she spoke.

VA was ambitious with a wealth of experience across several commercial sectors and had sought help for over 29 years but was still unable to pronounce /k/.

The inability to produce /k/ had led to depression VA had become withdrawn and filled with self-doubt.

Over 2 half-day workshops, VA was guided to:

  • Become aware of the position and shape of the tongue when producing /k/
  • Become aware of what happens to the airstream when producing /k/
  • Practice the production of /k/ in isolation, short words and paragraphs and finally, everyday speech

We also worked on improving VA’s confidence levels.

Alongside 2 workshops, VA completed her tailored-made exercises over the course of 2 weeks.

As a result, VA was able to produce /k/ accurately and fluently across all contexts and her confidence in communication reached new levels.

Listen to VA’s progress here:


I would like to say thanks first of all for all the hard work and patience you had with me as the problem I had of not being able to say the letters c/k on their own or on any words had stopped me from doing a lot of things which otherwise I would have done.

I have had this problem for 29 years which made my confidence levels very low until I thought it was time to face the problem and with the little time I had with you I now feel like a totally different person.

My confidence is no longer an issue so once again I would like to thank you for all your help.


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